I`ve been addicted to RC Car Racing now for 20 years and in that time I`ve met some fabulous people, seen many great places and raced in or watched lots of incredible events. During that time I`ve worked in both RC retail and the importing and service side of the industry. I`ve also written/photographed for the Australian RC mags for many years and always been involved with promoting our sport.

When Sydney was given the 2001 1/8th On Road Worlds, I decided this was an opportunity to help promote RC again and participate in another World`s event by taking on the task of supplying the Official Video for the Event. So with 8 Sony MiniDV cameras and a team of 6 to cover the finals I caught all the action and produced "Sydney 2001"

Many customers said they loved the video and wanted more, so the "2nd Edition" was released and subsequently I decided that I would try and cover more World`s and supply our sport with a continuing stream of quality, high class RC Car entertainment, so off to South Africa and beyond.

I work in Sydney as a professional photographer and videographer and by combining my RC experience and my image making abilities I will hopefully continue to bring you the World`s and other Top RC events.

If you have a Nationals or similar RC race coming up & would like me to cover it, then email me and we will talk.

Download a Preview Video of one or more of my videos to get an idea of how the action looks and then Order on the HOME page if you wish.

Enjoy your stay

Ray Wood

Ray Wood RC Videos


Email - raywood@raywoodrcvideos.com

Phone - +61 2 98095897

Ray`s Other Website - www.raywood.au.nu for Photography and Video of Weddings, Family Gathering and Portraits, Children and Events in and around Sydney, Australia.


What can I say!!! WOWW!!!!!!! What a job!!!! The DVD
is your best yet - fantastic!!!!! I'm not going to
show my Dad this one - he'll definately keep it for
himself ;-) Although I could give him a copy as a
christmas present :-) Expect an order later in the

Cheers, mate!

Mark Pearson.

Great video Ray, compliments. I would say best ever r/c coverage (even
better than my own...). Great promotion for the sport.

A little Serpent in it all, but then again, we weren't doing all that
great either. The video is actually very neutral from a brand point of view.

Pieter Bervoets - Team Serpent Head

Regarding the 2003 Cincinnati WC tape, The racing action is superb. You've got every single highlight of the Final covered. It's not only a wonderful racing tape, but it actually does show what happened in the race, so it's better than anything I've yet seen.

Mike Myers - Well known US RC Journalist - Starting Grid Mag, mytsn.com etc

Received your DVD today. Watched it as soon as I came home from work.
Liked it very much. Great camera-work. I'll tell my fellow RC-friends about it
tonight at our clubhouse.

Kind regards,

Rudi van Rooijen.

I have the 2003 1/8th worlds DVD and the 2004 1/8th scale winter nationals. Thankyou very much Mr. Wood and I look forward to ordering more DVD's in the future with you. The BEST coverage ever made in R/C video/DVD is by Ray Wood :).

Rogelio Serafin